History of Bible Bulletin Board

Bible Bulletin Board (BBB) began as a Bulletin Board System (BBS) in July of 1986 in Kokomo, Indiana. In 1988, due to a job transfer, the BBS was moved to Shreveport, Louisiana. In 1994, as a result of another company move, Bible Bulletin Board was relocated to Columbus, New Jersey. In 1996, Bible Bulletin Board was converted from a BBS to a website. And in the Spring of 2009, again due to a company transfer, BBB moved to Middletown, Delaware. And again, as a result of a company move, BBB relocated to Winchester, Virginia in the Spring of 2014. Now, in August 2021, for one last time, we moved to Midlothian, Texas. And our next planned move will be to Heaven!

The reason for the creation of BBB was to provide a source of solid Biblical truth to Christians. Every article and sermon that is posted here is carefully scrutinized to ensure that it conforms to true Bible doctrine. Today, in America, many evangelical churches are 'watering down the truth' to appease our generation. Many doctrines are avoided so as not to offend some portion of our society. Many techniques are used to create 'seeker-friendly' churches, but the result is a compromise of the truth. However, there are still a few solid men of God and churches that are preaching the truth of the Bible. One will find many writings from great preachers of the past, because of the uncompromising messages they preached in the 19th, 18th, 17th and 16th centuries.

Truly, the reason why we do not see great numbers of people being 'saved' today and living holy and godly lives is because we are not preaching and teaching the 'whole counsel of God' from the Scriptures. Without a doubt, when a church returns to preaching 'Christ' and His glorious doctrines, then and only then will we see true power in the church. The single aim of Bible Bulletin Board is to be a help and a catalyst to the local church, and thereby bring glory and honor to Our Sweet, most Wonderful Savior Jesus Christ!

Background of Tony Capoccia

Tony Capoccia was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He graduated from Ohio State University in 1967, and then entered the US Air Force, becoming a RC-135 pilot. In 1978, after 34 years as a Roman Catholic, Tony became a Christian and joined a Baptist church in Kokomo, Indiana. One year later he entered Talbot Theological Seminary (part of Biola University, California). In 1983, he graduated from seminary, with a Master of Divinity in Bible Exposition. He continued his Air Force career working full-time as a KC-10 pilot with the Air Force Reserves, and retired March 1999. Then, a month later he was hired by The Boeing Company, as a manager suporting the KC-10 and C-17 aircrew and maintenance training. Twenty years later he retired again. Tony and his wife Kathryn now reside in Texas.