by John Angell James, 1825


An Address to Christian Parents

The Anxiety of a Christian Parent for
the Spiritual Welfare of His Children

The Dispositions Necessary for an Inquiry
into the Nature of True Religion

The Nature of True Religion

The Advantages and Responsibility of a Pious Education

The Prevailing Obstacles Which Prevent Young
People from Entering on a Pious Life 

The Deceitfulness of the Heart

Transient Devotions

Decision of Character in True Religion

The Pleasures of a Pious Life

The Advantages of Early Piety

The Influence of True Religion upon the
Temporal Interests of its Possessor

The Choice of Companions

On Books

Amusements and Recreations

On Theatrical Amusements

On the Period Which Elapses Between the Time
of Leaving School and the Age of Manhood

Public Spirit

Female Accomplishments, Virtues, and Pursuits

On Prudence, Modesty, and Courtesy

Redeeming Time

On the Choice of a Companion for Life

The Great End of Life

The Meeting of a Pious Family in Heaven