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Anne Dutton's Letters
on Spiritual Subjects


"Here is a feast for souls who desire to feed on Christ; to have His glories opened out before them, and the riches of divine grace in all their fullness and freeness set forth. Here, too, is food for the 'lambs of the flock,' comfort for the sorrowing, and encouragement for the weak and trembling ones. There is in these letters a union of doctrinal, experimental, and practical teaching, rarely found in combination."

This monster, pride—this hellish sin

His sovereign love

We live in a world of changes!

No step in your thorny path

The furnace of affliction

A sweet soft bosom to rest our weary heads

Your Father's love-tokens!

A love-stroke

Weeping may endure for a night

Live, and bathe, and dive, to a blessed eternity!

That eternal feast!

Our Captain-Leader, the Lord our Lover

Indwelling Sin

Worth infinitely more than millions of worlds!

Then farewell forever!

The love of Christ to you

A cup of bitters?

Who makes you differ from thousands?

Our extremity

There is a snake in the grass

Glad for crumbs of mercy

As if we had never seen Him

O proud worms!

I may lose all created sweets

Why was not our lot with devils and damned spirits?

It is a sweet thing to suffer with Christ

Remaining enmity, sin, and ungodliness

Lie down in the bosom of Christ

Our light and momentary troubles

The bosom of His eternal Love!

My ingratitude, unkindness, and unfruitfulness

When we are in the furnace

We are almost home!

These cross-providences

We live in a world of snares and sins

Bottomless, boundless, endless love!

In every crumb of blessing

Oh, the heights, depths, lengths, and breadths of grace!

The New Birth

Infant Grace & Giant Sin

Transcendent, soul-attracting glories

The Lord can work by whom He will.

Does the lion of hell roar at you?

Heart-ravishing and soul-attracting

The soft embraces of those sweet arms

The cup of damnation and salvation

Jehovah's grace

Oh, why me, the chief of sinners

We are cold and frozen

Oh, come, poor, weak thing

While He seems to slay you

My dear husband's death

Really a work of grace or not?

Oh, why was not I left among the ignorant

Oh, I am confounded at my own vileness

Adore the grace which opens our eyes

All our sufferings

Head or heart?

The sweet clusters of Canaan's grapes

The Palm Tree (afflictions)

The valley of the shadow of death

This frowning, emptying providence

Jesus your Friend

Not a trouble could touch you!

The wonder and joy of heaven and earth

Glory is grace made perfect

Oh, what a heap of empty vanities and cruel vexations

In the sweet bosom, in the kind arms

When the veil is taken off

And lead us not into temptation

The spiritual Israelites

Overcome us! Melt us! Draw us!

The most weak and unfit instruments

Soon your little crosses

Religious parentage and education

A spiritual appetite

Oh, free, rich, glorious grace!

Of refuges for sinners



Oh, the infinite patience of our loving Lord


Downloaded from Grace Gems - A Treasury of Ageless, Sovereign Grace, Devotional Writings

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