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The Young Lady's Guide to the Harmonious
Development of Christian Character

by Harvey Newcomb, 1843



This book is addressed to those who are supposed to have commenced the Christian life. Its object is, to aid them in the harmonious development of all their powers, upon Christian principles; so as to produce the highest degree of cultivation—intellectual, social, moral, and religious—of which they are capable, in the circumstances where Providence has placed them. It is equally adapted to the various walks of life, having respect to a course of self-culture within the reach of all. It is addressed to a particular class of people—young ladies—whom it is especially designed to benefit. It is not intended, however, to be read exclusively by them. The greater portion of the book is equally suited to any other Christian.

It was originally written as a directory for a beloved sister of the author. It has since passed through two very thorough revisions; and in the present one, a considerable portion of it has been entirely rewritten, some parts of it condensed, and much new matter added. Those who have read the former editions will find this almost a new book, while the material substance of the original has been retained. Since it was first written, it has twice undergone a critical examination by learned and judicious friends; and, in the present revision, which is the last that is contemplated, the author has thrown out every sentence and every expression which has appeared to him of doubtful utility; so that those who read it, may rely upon its being a safe guide. Under a deep and solemn sense of responsibility for the influence which such a book is destined to exert, and with the humble hope of benefiting immortal minds, it is respectfully committed to the Christian public.

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