Scripture References
Book of 1 Peter


File Descriptions


1PE 1:6 The Christian's Heaviness and Rejoicing C. H. Spurgeon
1PE 1:23-25 The New Nature
The Withering Work of the Spirit
C. H. Spurgeon
1PE 2:4 Coming to Christ C. H. Spurgeon
1PE 2:7 Christ Precious to All True Believers Samuel Davies
1PE 2:7 Christ Precious to Believers C. H. Spurgeon
1PE 2:9 Christians a Chosen Generation, A Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation, A Peculiar People Jonathan Edwards
1PE 2:24-25 The Straying Sheep and the Sin-Bearing Shepherd J. C. Philpot
1PE 2:24-25 Sin-Bearer C. H. Spurgeon
1PE 3:19-20 Wicked Men of the Past are Still in Hell Jonathan Edwards
1PE 4:17-18 Saints Saved with Difficulty; and the Certain Perdition of the Wicked Samuel Davies
1PE 4:19 Advice to Sufferers - Or, Seasonable Counsel John Bunyan
1PE 5:10 The Saints Path to Eternal Glory J. C. Philpot
1PE 5:10 A New Year's Benediction C. H. Spurgeon


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