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Book of James


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JAM 1-5 The Writer, Recipients, and Greeting James 1:1
Trials and the Believer James 1:2-4
Seeking Wisdom James 1:5-8
Rich and Poor Believers James 1:9-12
Facing Temptation James 1:13-15
The Source of Every Perfect Gift James 1:16-18
Be Humble and Slow to Anger James 1:19-21
Doers of the Word James 1:22-25
Activity Acceptable to God James 1:26-27
Show No Partiality James 2:1-7
Free to Do God's Will James 2:8-13
The Role of Faith and Works James 2:14-17
Saving Faith Produces Works James 2:18-20
Faith Which Justifies is Not Alone James 2:21-26
The Responsibility of Teachers James 3:1
Control the Tongue James 3:2-6
Tame the Tongue James 3:7-12
Wisdom and Understanding James 3:13-16
Wisdom from Above James 3:17-18
Quarrels and Conflicts James 4:1-3
A Dangerous Friendship James 4:4-6
Draw Near to God James 4:7-10
Do Not Judge James 4:11-12
Let Plans Include 'God Willing' James 4:13-17
Worldly Riches are Temporary James 5:1-6
Be Patient and Do Not Complain James 5:7-11
The Use of an Oath James 5:12
Pray for the Sick James 5:13-15
Prayer Can Accomplish Much James 5:16-18
Do Not Stray from the Truth James 5:19-20
Gil Rugh
JAM 1:2-4 Patience and Her Perfect Work J. C. Philpot
JAM 1:2-4 All Joy in All Trials C. H. Spurgeon
JAM 1:5 Loving Advice for Anxious Seekers C. H. Spurgeon
JAM 1:26 Thoughts on the Government of the Tongue John Newton
JAM 2:17 Fruitless Faith C. H. Spurgeon
JAM 2:19 How to Know if You are a Real Christian
True Grace Distinguished from the Experience of Devils
Jonathan Edwards
JAM 4:1 Serious Reflections on War Samuel Davies
JAM 4:7 Unconditional Surrender C. H. Spurgeon
JAM 4:13-17 God's Will About the Future C. H. Spurgeon
JAM 5:7-8 A Visit to the Harvest Field C. H. Spurgeon
JAM 5:11 The Pearl of Patience C. H. Spurgeon
JAM 5:19-20 Conversion C. H. Spurgeon


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