"Come, My Children"

A Book for
Parents and Teachers
on the
Christian Training of Children


Charles H. Spurgeon


"Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD." (Psalm 34:11)


  1. "Feed My Lambs"—How To Do It
  2. Do Not Hinder the Children
  3. The Disciples and the Mothers
  4. The Children's Shepherd
  5. Of Such Is the Kingdom of Heaven
  6. As a Little Child
  7. Feed My Lambs
  8. The Child Timothy and His Teachers
  9. "What Mean Ye By This Service?"
  10. Samuel and His Teachers
  11. Instructions for Teachers and Parents
  12. Model Lesson for Teachers
  13. "Come, Ye Children"—Three Admonitions
  14. "Come, Ye Children"—The Psalmist's Invitation
  15. King David's Two Encouragements to Parents and Teachers
  16. Childhood and Holy Scripture
  17. Witnesses for God Converted in Youth
  18. Obadiah's Early Piety
  19. Obadiah and Elijah
  20. Abijah's "Some Good Thing"
  21. Abijah's "Some Good Thing,"—II
  22. The Shunammite Woman's Son
  23. The Shunammite Woman's Son—II

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