If you could enlighten me some on the "husband of one wife" and "one sin being greater than another" it would certainly be appreciated and I will read the passages for myself and pray for understanding!!!


I have read your entire email and was again reminded why I have started the two websites. There is a great void in the Church today for good sound teaching of the Word of God. Jesus said it best, "By your traditions, you nullify the Word of God." I have found good and godly preachers, some from the present, and many from the past, and have found that the truth does in fact still exist. I have compiled thousands of messages and made them available on Bible Bulletin Board ( and Gospel GEMs ( The following articles come from Bible Bulletin Board, and address the Husband of One wife, and the issue of Divorce and Remarriage. I was raised a Roman Catholic for 34 years, was married and divorced. Then I became a Christian. I went to Seminary and graduated four years later in 1983. I have had to struggle with the "Husband of One Wife Issue" but found that, as you have, that the Church, for the most part, has either ignored the truth or taught errors in regard to the subject.

Here are some excellent articles/sermons on the subject. Just click on the links:

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