Now, when you say that "...all your works and efforts mean nothing, you are nothing but a wicked sinner before God, and by his grace He will give you the free gift if you will bow down to Jesus, repent of your sins, believe in who He claimed to be, and submit to His commands, or Lordship," are you suggesting that there is something we must do: bow down, repent, believe, submit...?  This sounds like more than God picking and choosing.  This sounds like freewill.  This sound like they offer something to God even if they are powerless to save themselves.  It sounds like interaction to me.  Can you please explain this?


Of course, that's man's part.  God chooses first, and only the ones He chooses will come, no more and no less.  But God uses a process.  First He chooses the elect.  Then in their life, at His appointed time, He begins to call them to salvation.  He sends His Word and His Holy Spirit, to open the eyes and ears and heart of the sinner.  He supernaturally allows them to see their sins, and the beauty and loveliness of the Savior, He gives them the gift of faith to believe, repent and submit, and they go running after Jesus, begging for salvation.  Yes, they did this with their will, but only after God made them able to see and believe by the gift of faith.  And God clearly tells man it was a free gift and not to boast (Ephesians 2:8-9).

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