I have seen the movie "Stigmata" and I was wondering if this movie has any connection with reality at all?  Specifically, a "stigmatic" supposedly has wounds appear on their body resembling Christ's wounds from the crucifixion.  Has this ever happened, if so, what is the cause?

There is no Biblical support for such an occurrence.  Persons who have experienced the "Stigmata" have believed and taught false doctrine. An example these occurrences is listed below.  These occurrences are mainly seen in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), a religion with many, many false doctrines, and a false gospel that leads people straight to hell.  I believe clearly that the "stigmata" is caused by Satan and his demons who are trying to deceive people into believing that the RCC is a valid religion, thereby leading people astray. 

"Priest Receiving Treatment" (By TRACY BARRON The Evening Telegram, Sunday, April 12, 1998)

A Roman Catholic priest who is said to have unusual wounds similar to those Christ suffered on the cross is free from pain and is resting comfortably, according to church officials. Rev. Gerard Critch, a former resident of St. John’s, Nfld., working in Antigua, is being treated in New York by church specialists after experiencing excruciating pains in his side, hands and feet two weeks ago.
“He is perfectly alright. He is gaining strength,” said Antigua’s Bishop Donald Reece, one of only two people permitted to speak to Critch. The other person is the priest who is treating Critch.
“There’s nothing else that we can add. There’s no more pain. We’re still (trying to understand it). There’s a discerning process that must be gone through.”
Critch’s strange experience occurred in Antigua from March 29 to April 4 — a cut reportedly opened up on his side and blood oozed from his wrists and ankles. Some parishioners claimed they were thrown to the floor when blessed by Critch (commonly called “slain in the spirit”) and had their injuries healed.  Some parishioners have said they believe Critch has “stigmata” — wounds similar to those Jesus suffered on the cross when nails were hammered into his feet and palms and his side was pierced with a sword.  The Roman Catholic Church, however, will not go beyond stating the facts when it comes to Critch’s condition.
“That something unusual took place is undeniable. Several persons have seen these occurrences and have been affected,” the local diocese in Antigua said in a statement.
If the stigmata is real, the occurrence comes at an important time for the Roman Catholic Church, said Rev. Kevin Molloy, a priest at Corpus Christi Church in St. John’s, who met Critch while visiting Antigua in October.
“It certainly is very striking news and if there is truth to it, it is a very opportune time because there is so much skepticism and so much disrespect and lack of faith,” he said, adding medical tests will have to be completed before the Church can consider the strange occurrence a sign from God.
Molloy is not jumping to any conclusions, but he does consider the occurrence, as reported to date, to be amazing.
“The first news is most astounding in terms of other people being affected by him and his presence, and then for the stigmata to appear,” he said. “We should not accept this as some kind of miracle or some kind of wonder. There has to be a certain degree of skepticism at the moment.”
Three major theories have been put forth for stigmatization since the first stigmata is believed to have occurred to St. Francis of Assisi in 1226. It is believed it could be attributed to a particular action of God; purely natural causes including psychological ones; or the evil one, who disguises himself under the appearance of goodness to deceive. The Catholic Church has experienced over 300 cases of stigmatization according to the release from the diocese in Antigua. The two that received the most international attention — besides St. Francis of Assisi — happened to a German woman, Theresa Neumann, during the Second World War, and to Padre Pio, an Italian priest who died only a few years ago. It is said Neumann experienced the stigmata once a month, but was in especially intense pain during Holy Week.  The latest possible addition to the list, Critch, is doing good work in Antigua and is a good man, Molloy said.

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