How do we know that 66 books the Bible is all of the inspired books that God intended us to have?  And how do we know that all of them are inspired? I understand that Martin Luther wanted to remove books like James and Revelation, why were they not inspired? The Catholics have seven books that are not in the King James. Why do they think that they are inspired?  The  Ethiopian church had a 46 book OT. If the Rabbis at Jammia (sp?) chose the Palestinian cannon, how could they be right, they rejected Christ? The Catholic church did the same with the NT when they wrote the Vulgate, or maybe it was some church council. That can't be right either. That would make Bible believing Christians bound to the choices of books decided on by the Catholic Church. Help?


Those are good and honest questions, and I am going to let John MacArthur answer them.  The first sermon (55-17.HTM) actually came after DOC-1.HTM in the series, but 55-17.HTM answers your questions, I included DOC-1.HTM for background.  Just "click" on the links below.  

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