Can a career in the "arts" make for a godly career and life-style?  


I believe that God puts His "lights" at various places in our society, to be light in the darkness and to reach the lost with the wonderful message of forgiveness in Christ. I always ask the question, when considering a career: Is it honorable? That is, will it bring honor upon Christ if done to His glory? Being a bartender would bring dishonor, but driving a "Semi" would be honorable. I know of a woman who used to be a country and western singer before being saved, and after salvation she found she could no longer sing songs that glorified sin (adultery, drunkenness, wild living, etc.), so she left the business. But I believe that she could sing not only Christian songs, but songs that lift up God's creation, songs of joy or about a pure love of a man to a woman. I can't see where a composer would be much different than a painter, since both are using means to express their feelings and thoughts. Obviously a Christian painter will paint to Christ's glory and never paint anything that would be offensive to Him. Likewise, a Christian musician would play and compose for Christ's glory. 

I am reminded of Eric Little who loved to run, and ran for Christ, but drew the line when he felt there might be a compromise. The result was that his life became an example to many other Christians of true dedication to Christ. 

I believe that a person can make a career in the "arts" and not only be there to witness to other artists, but to be the "fresh breath of clean and pure air." I would think that Christ would greatly bless his work.

I think too, it all goes back to the verse, "Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." [Psalm 37:4]. If we will seek to delight ourselves in Christ, by being faithful to His Word and to Prayer, and yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit in obedience to Christ's commands, then we have the assurance, that the desires within us are from Him, and that He intends to fulfill them.

There is no such thing as a secular job for a believer. Every calling in life is literally "spiritual service" to the Lord. Delight yourself in Christ, and then if you want to paint, then paint. If you want to compose, then compose, but whatever you do, do all to His glory.

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