If a Christian husband divorces his wife for non-biblical reasons and remarries another woman, will he have to divorce this new woman to restore fellowship with Christ, as in Ezra 9:15?


No, he is to stay married, for it would now be another sin to divorce his new wife. It is very simple.  They are to stay married.  When a person gets a divorce, for non-biblical reasons and remarries, then that second marriage is valid, and it would be a sin to divorce their new spouse. Yes there was sin in the divorce and remarriage and it needs to be confessed, but the new marriage is valid, and God never wants that person to divorce the second spouse and return to the first (or singleness) for that would be another sin of divorce. They are repent of their original sin of divorce and remarriage and then stay married to their new wife and rejoice in God forgiveness and restoration. 

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