I have a question regarding the nature of Christ as a child. When Jesus was a child did he ever do any wrong? 


The Bible tells us that Jesus lived a perfect life without sin--if He didn't, then He could have never been our perfect sacrifice.  Therefore, Jesus never did anything wrong as a child.  

Question (continued)

I mean did his parents ever have to discipline him for wrong doing? If they did and He was in error, was this a sin of ignorance?

Answer (continued)

Again, Jesus could not commit any sin.  Now, did he spill his milk, or make a mess in the house--most likely, but that is not sin, but just the result of never being instructed in neatness, or a result of not having mature coordination to keep the milk from spilling.    

Question (continued)

If they didn't, than how can a baby of two choose right from wrong, unless he really wasn't a baby in mind at all. I mean at two did he actually have a mind of an adult? 

Answer (continued)

We know that Jesus did not have the mind of an adult at age two, for the Bible says, that Jesus, "grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men" [Luke 2:52].  Yet there are many recorded examples of very young children being very intelligent at an early age, some even writing symphonies before the age of five.  Since Jesus did not suffer from the curse of sin, one can expect that His mind was very sharp at every age.    Also, a two-year old cannot truly chose right from wrong, and may take a toy from another child, but it is not sin, because it was not done with malice, for the baby believes everything is his to grab and suck on.  The Bible tells us that "Nineveh has more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left,"  [Jonah 4:11] which most likely was a reference to babies.  Ask a tiny baby to show you his right hand.

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