Is it possible for an unsaved person to respond to the Holy Spirit since the Bible says they are dead in their sins?


Without a doubt an unsaved person "in their own self" is dead in their sins and blind and deaf to spiritual things.  However, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit the unregenerate man can do anything (examples in the OT), but not in his power, but in the power of the Spirit.  I read the entire New Testament in 30 days before becoming a Christian.  I had a great thirst to read the Bible, yet I was truly unsaved, often reading during that time while drinking a "scotch and water".  There were many Christians praying for my salvation during that 30-day period.  So here I was an unregenerate, blind, and deaf person (spiritually), doing what most Christians don't do--read the New Testament in 30 days, and I saw and understood about Christ, but still very much unsaved.  Now, how could an unbeliever ever desire or understand Scripture?  Because the Holy Spirit was giving me the desire and the ability to see spiritual things.  The faith to be saved was, in my case, actually being given to me as I read, for "faith comes from hearing the message about Christ."  I was actually beginning to believe, and at a specific point (predetermined by the Holy Spirit) I had enough faith to make a confession of that faith to God, and on that day, again led by the Spirit, I Repented, Believed, and Submitted to the Lordship of Christ and was saved.

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