Can you give me any information regarding the Airport church in Toronto, I believe they might have some connection to the vineyard church, or something connected to the so called Toronto blessing. There has been a request by one of our leaders to invite a guest speaker from their church to address our ladies group. My instincts tell me this is not a good idea. Can you shed some light on my concerns?     


I believe the Holy Spirit within you was warning you about the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF)...a very, very Charismatic/Pentecostal church that brought the "Toronto Blessing" which included "Vomiting in the Spirit"  

Phil Johnson of Grace Community Church and Grace To You has stated in his excellent seminar: Combating Charismatic Theology the following,

"Charismatic practices are more and more excessive and outrageous--they get more bizarre all the time.  After the “Toronto Blessing” I kept hearing reports of “holy vomiting”--seriously, where they would bring a bucket to the front of the church (this was huge in some parts of the world) and people would come up and vomit in the bucket, “Vomiting in the Spirit” supposedly purging themselves of demonic influences or whatever--it doesn’t get much worse than that--I think. But that’s the number one trend: Charismatic practices are more and more excessive and outlandish."

The website of this foolishness, and what I consider to be a form of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, by attributing to Him that which is a work of Satan and the demons, is:  

I would seriously have a talk with the leader that wanted to invite a TACF speaker and see what motivated such a request--hopefully ignorance of what TACF was all about.

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