I don't want to go to hell. I don't really understand the Bible. All I really know is that if you're a Christian then you go to heaven, and  if you're not then you go to hell. Is there anything in the middle of heaven and hell, where I would go? I don't know that much about the Bible and I don't go to church.


There are only two places to go to after we die, one is heaven and the other is hell. Those who are Christians go to heaven and live forever with Christ in absolute bliss and happiness, but those who have not believed and yielded to Christ by faith are condemned to Hell forever, experiencing unbelievable eternal torment because of their rejection of Christ and their unforgiven sins.

We have all sinned, and all deserve to be thrown into hell, but Jesus Christ, God Himself in human flesh, has come down to earth and paid the penalty for our sins on the cross of Calvary. He now offers the free gift of salvation to anyone who will receive it. Sadly, most people love their sins so much that they won't accept Christ's offer of forgiveness.

In order to become a Christian one must:

1. Repent of all known sins

This means that you truly desire in your heart not to live like you have been living. You purpose to walk a new direction, to turn away from the sins of your life. It is a a feeling of shame over what you have done in your offenses against God and other people. So to repent is to tell Jesus that you are sorry for such wickedness and that you are willing to turn away from those sins as He will help you.

2. Believe that Jesus is who He claimed to be:

He claimed to be God, He claimed to be the only mediator between God and Man, and He also claimed to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life--the only way to the Father in Heaven.

3. You submit your life to Christ

In your heart you submit your life to Christ, for Him to control (by His Word found in the Bible) and you ask Him to give you the free gift of salvation.

If you do these three things seriously from your heart, then He promises to come and save you and fill you with His Holy Spirit, and make you a new person.

Also, know this, that the very first command that the Lord Jesus will give a new Christian after salvation is to be baptized, by immersion in water at the first available opportunity after salvation. This water baptism does not save you, it is simply the very first command that Jesus gives to you as a new believer. If you are not willing to submit to that, then it is an indication that your heart is not ready for salvation, because your heart is not willing to do whatever Jesus commands of you.

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