Can an unregenerate man, a man with a fallen nature, make a decision for Christ with the assistance of the Holy Spirit?


Yes, and ONLY with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, for it is the Holy Spirit who enlightens and "gives" the faith to believe.  In fact, it is the ability of an unregenerate person to repent-believe-submit that gives clear evidence of a genuine Spirit led salvation.

Question (continued)

When the fallen man makes his decision for Christ, He is baptized by the Holy Spirit into Christ and having been baptized by the Holy Spirit upon (not before) belief, he is now regenerate--is that right?

Answer (continued)

Yes, when the fallen man or woman, makes the decision for Christ (as guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit) then the Holy Spirit comes and indwells the new believer (like a Baptism, being completely immersed by the Spirit).  The timing of this is all very quick.  The person makes a genuine commitment to Christ by Faith, and instantly they are saved and indwelt.

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