What is the basic theme of Scripture? It has been my understanding and belief that the Bible's theme is The Glory of God - a pure doxological theme - of which Salvation is the #1 "program" others being God's program for Israel, His program for angels, etc.  I think the Amillennial and Covenant guys see a pure Soteriological theme only and am wondering how you, then, view Scripture?


This is an easy answer: The basic theme of Scripture is Jesus Christ! From start to finish it is all about Him.

This should not surprise us since He is called "The Word of God."  From the beginning we see mankind created for one reason: for Jesus Christ!  We see sin enter the human race and the only solution is Jesus Christ!  Israel was chosen for one main reason: to declare to the world the salvation found in Jesus Christ!  The New Testament is all about the Church that belongs to Jesus Christ!  The Bible ends with the Book of Revelation, which is a "revelation" of the person of Jesus Christ!  All eternity is consumed with us in relationship with our God and Master and husband Jesus Christ!  It is all about our sweet and precious Jesus Christ!

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