I was married as an unbeliever and divorced.  Thankfully to the Lord I was confronted with the Word of God and repented of my sins and Jesus came into my life as Lord and Savior. My ex-husband is now remarried.  My question is, I am dating a leader in a church and I would love to marry this man but have this question over my head that because I am divorced--am I allowed biblically to marry this man? I understand that when I became a Christian my sins were forgiven and washed away and that I was a new Creation holy and pure to God, but because this man is a leader in our church and I have previously been married, can I still marry this man?


Yes, because the marriage and the divorce occurred before salvation, and that sin was covered under the blood when you were saved.

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I have not told this man about the previous marriage as it was my past life until the discussion of marriage came up between us? There's nothing I can do to change the past, but should I still tell him about the previous marriage?

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I would tell him exactly what occurred, just as you shared with me, for if you don't then at some other point in time it may be discovered and he will feel that you failed to trust him and his love for you. In marriage each person must share everything and this is a critical piece of information. If he truly loves you then he will appreciate the honesty and love you all the more.

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