I've just read the article on unsaved spouses. I am in dire need of Godly counsel. I live in exactly the environment that you described but so much worse. I remember when we first met how much I loved him and I know that God is with me because I still have a love for him. But he's just not a very nice person even from a purely worldly standpoint. He respects nothing and no one. Not his parents, not his boss not me, not our kids. My house is one where the kids volley between loving him and fearing him. I've just convinced my young son not to cry when my husband speaks to him. You never know what mood he is in or when it will change. It doesn't help that I have a very volatile temper that it takes a very conscious effort to contain. But when he provokes myself or my daughter or my young son or completely ignores our toddler then I rarely succeed in containing it.


All I can say is that you need to pray and live that godly life before him, while continuing to ask God to save and change him and to give you strength. Your husband's salvation is not dependant on him, for God is not asking his permission to save him. Devote yourself to Christ asking for protection for you and your children from the cruel behavior of your husband, and that God would soon save him or remove him from the marriage. You do your part in the marriage in accordance with God's Word and allow the Lord to work the situation with your husband. I assume that your husband has not physically abused you or the children, for if he ever does then you need to call the authorities and separate from him until he repents from such actions.

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