Here's an unsolicited personal testimony of a child raised in the Pentecostal church.


I was raised in a Pentecostal Holiness Church. I remember as a child making any excuse to leave the sanctuary to go and hide out in the ladies restroom because when the "holy rolling" started it terrified me. Speaking in tongues (no translations that I remember) spread like wild fire, people hollering and running up and down the aisles, people shaking and their eyes rolling up white and falling to the floor. People would stand up in the middle of the sermon and start yelling stuff that I couldn't understand. This was regular services. Sunday nights and Wednesday Night services were even more intense. I would become physically ill from being so nervous and scared and anxious when REVIVAL was going on. I was terrified of church. When I prayed I was convinced that God couldn't hear me for the din and noise going on around me. I prayed and studied in  that ladies bathroom, that was my refuge. Those early church experiences came rushing back to me after reading Dr. MacArthur's sermons I accessed on the Internet.

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