Why is it that people such as John MacArthur, and others, love to take those passages that are in Ezekiel, and Jeremiah and Isaiah out of context? The one in Ezekiel is talking about King of Tyre, yet everyone loves to put that passage in a wrong place, making it talk of Satan, which is taken out of context. I don't understand.


God often uses "types" in the Bible to refer to a present situations/persons, and also have it speak of a future fulfillment. For example, David was a type of Christ: Read Psalm 22, is that all about David? Or is it also about Christ? Yes, to both questions.  Verse 16, "They pierced My hands and My Feet"--David is talking about himself, but in reality it is all about the coming Christ on the cross. Sometimes God goes in and out of verses, talking about a present situation/person, and then also speaking of a future fulfillment--that's how it is sometimes in the Bible. So MacArthur is not out of context, but in context.

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