If I pray that God intervene and save my friends and family, and He doesn't, then couldn't I put the blame on Him?


No, absolutely no blame can go to God for your family and friends being lost and condemned to eternal torment, for they sinned and rejected God, therefore they are condemned to Hell--that is not God's fault.

Now, the fact that God chose to save "some" is His freewill choice in election. He does not have to chose everyone, and He did not. The non-elect are left in their own sins and consequences--and God has no fault here. Who could ever fault God for not giving grace to every man and woman that ever lived? We are not God's judge! We don't tell Him he did wrong! Whatever He does is pure and faultless. God is not a slave to grace, rather He gives it freely as He chooses.  The ones He gives it to didn't deserve it, and the ones He did not give it to didn't deserve it either.

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