God has lived for eternity, right? If this is so, why has He, at this point in time, decided to create man and bring him to Christ. I mean why does He need to do this. If He has lived for eternity, surely all of this would have been thought of and dealt with eons ago. Surely God doesn't need man and if man wasn't created none of what is happening on earth today would need to happen.


All we know is what the Bible tells us, and that is that God the Father, at some point in eternity past, decided to give a love gift to the Son, and that gift was a race of people that would love and adore Christ forever as His pure bride.  God deserves praise and worship, and has created angels, yet God in His wisdom and plan decided to create man and woman to do the same.  That's about all we know as to the why, because that is all He has revealed.  God has a plan and it is all working out on schedule.  I know at times it seems like the gross sins of our generation doesn't seem to make sense, but to God it does, for He sees the entire plan and knows what eternity will hold for those that love Christ, and of all the eons of praise and fellowship Christ will have with His precious bride.

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