Do you ever worry when you see a person get caught up in a KJV-only church? There are usually other things that go with that mentality (women in dresses, ties if you teach SS, no swimming, etc...).


My heart is burdened for those churches. They mean well, but get caught up in man's rules.

But, I am also concerned about the churches that have no standards, where you can come in shorts and t-shirts. I think they have gone off the other end. They seem to forget that we have come to worship a holy and awesome God, not some "buddy". I wonder what the unbelievers think of us and our God when we can dress any way we please, and complain if it not over in an hour? When I go to work I have to "dress up" because I am serving the "customer" and it shows that I respect them, so the least I could do is to get "dressed up" for church. But the difference is, I am not commanded by some church leader, but by my heart in serving a holy God.

It is interesting that you brought up the swimming issue, because I have always had concerns about that. Did you ever realize that women in bathing suits are really in violation of God's word about dressing modestly? It amazes me that a Christian woman who is careful not to have a low-cut dress, or a tight fitting outfit, or a dress that is too short, or even shorts that are too short--this same woman will put on a skin tight bathing suit, with every bit of her legs and thighs exposed, and then go to a public beach or pool. She feels no shame and yet, in my opinion, she is wearing nothing but "colored underwear"!

I have gone to the local pool before and seen ladies from the church in their bathing suits and was embarrassed for them and myself. So churches that restrict swimming are trying to solve the problem a different way. God is very Holy and wants His people holy, yet we get confused and influenced by the world, which is against Christ.

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