As a Christian husband I met with another woman and we committed adultery.  I divorced my wife and married the other woman. My former wife has remarried, and I am still in my second marriage. I have returned to the church and have been seeking advice on the Internet regards to divorce and remarriage. So far, I have only come across those stressing no divorce, no remarriage, even if repentant, and I find it difficult. I have confessed my terrible sin, and hope to make a go of it as a Christian, but at the same time I want to be right with God. Must I leave my current wife and cause more havoc to be right with God?


et me say this very clearly.  God loves you very much and has forgiven your sin of adultery when you confessed it from your heart.  God acknowledges your new marriage as valid before Him and now holds you and your second wife accountable to be faithful to each other.  In fact, it would be a great sin to divorce your second wife.  We all sin, both before and after salvation, and the Good News is that we have a very loving and forgiving God and Christ.  He not only forgives our sins but rebuilds our lives from where we are.  We fall down and He picks us up and helps us to walk stronger than ever before.  You have tremendous potential to serve your God and Lord in your life.  Take what you have learned in your sin and in the forgiveness that God has given to you and help others who are struggling with temptations and guilt.  The marriage covenant is very sacred and you probably understand that more than most because of the past.  But as Paul says, we need to put the past behind us, accept the forgiveness of Christ and serve and praise Him in the days remaining on this earth.

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