Where do you stand in regards to the teachings of Bill Gothard. How can I deal with someone caught up in him?


Here are a few things I know about his ministry that might help you:

1. He strongly opposes "any" divorce and remarriage.
2. He believes that we must research our forefather's sins and through a prayer ceremony cast them off our children. This is an improper interpretation of Exodus 20:5. 
3. Application of Mosaic ritual to everyday living.
4. Strange advice that he gives to husbands and wives. He suggests that a man keep track of his wife's menstrual cycle and use it as a reminder of the sufferings and death of Christ, then quotes Isaiah 53:4-5.
5. Gothard teaches what he calls "Pre-Birth Training," he encourages pregnant mothers to read the Bible to the embryos in their wombs for the purpose of relaxing the embryo and for teaching it Biblical truth. 

Here are some resources that give a very detailed explanation of the errors that are inherent in his theology:
A book titled, "A Matter of Basic Principles; Bill Gothard & the Christian life."  
Also, some websites:

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