Do you have any perspectives to share regarding the movie based on Chronicles of Narnia?  I am particularly interested in knowing if children should see this movie? 


Personally, I think we expose our children to far too much fantasy.  Trying to communicate Biblical truths via fantasy somehow belittles the mind of a child and the saving and changing power of the Word.  God's Word is sufficient to change and mold the lives of adults and little children.  We don't need to dumb it down into cartoons and fantasies.  I think we dishonor the Word when we do that and run the risk of confusing the child into thinking that God's truth is also fantasy because we clothe it in fantasy.  I think we need to leave God's truth in the "biblical dress" He dressed it with -- use the same words and phrases He did, and then as parents we explain the sense of the Word to the child, just as we would to an adult.

I believe the very weak "Christian" Church today is a product of dumbing down God's Word for many years.  The whole seeker-friendly movement is into drama, and plays, and musicals, and dancing and the like to "be better able to communicate" God's Word to this generation, but it doesn't really work, for only the pure preaching of the Word can truly change lives.

Just my thoughts.  No, I wouldn't take young children to see the movie, for it is more entertainment and we were never called to entertain any one with the Word--not adults nor children.

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