Not only have I read what you wrote but I also have talked with other believers and I keep getting the answer, "It  is  a personal conviction." I just wanted to find out if there was in fact an actual answer for my question. You are right though we need more people to put their faith out where everyone can see. I just wanted to make sure that I am not wrong for thinking that tattoos are not bad or totally against God's Word. It's just something that is of interest of me and it represents what I hold close to my heart. I have had people ask about my tattoos which have actual Scriptures, and it becomes a good starting point on talking about God. It's become more of a hobby like the interest in cars or paintings.


You probably read what I wrote on this:
It really is a personal conviction, however, I believe most people in our society and the Church do not think highly of tattoos, so it may not be the best testimony.  We don't need more Christian tattoos or Christian bumper stickers--what we need is more Christians living godly and holy lives, for that the world will see very clearly.

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