There has been a guy in my church who has shown interest in me but has never said anything to me but his ways can show, the way he looks at me, not bad but that "one look" as if he's stealing me, then I heard from my sister that he is actually interested in me and one of the things that I don't want is to get to this courtship thing or dating, I strongly believe in my heart that if God wants that to happen it will happen without me having to study the person in order to see if he is the right person for me. My problem is that I have now developed some feeling towards him and I DO NOT LIKE THAT, I can't keep him out of my thoughts. Please advise me what I should do.


You are right, in that God will bring two people together that He has chosen to marry, but each one needs to "study the other person" to see if they are right for each other. This study will include personal preferences (do you like the person? Do you feel love for the person?"), but more importantly is the other person a true Christian? Do they live for Christ's glory and honor? Do they act like Christ? What is their background? What do they believe about Christ and His Word? You need to do your part and study to be sure this is the type of person Christ would send your way.

Also, it's OK to think and dwell on a potential mate, for this is normal. When God brings us a mate He will also give feelings and desires for that person. But always, in any dating that may take place, it is to be done in absolute purity and always glorifying the Lord.

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