Is there any danger of a Christian couple aborting a child without knowing it by taking Birth Control Pills?

I did not think so until I was sent this testimony.  I think it bears sharing:

"I wanted to comment on the the issue of birth control. I agree that birth control in many forms should be a couple's personal decision based upon their own convictions with the exception being given to abortion. However, it has come to my attention in the past few years that the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) and the Pharmacists for Life have both declined to issue their certainty on the possible effects that the birth control pill may have post fertilization.

It is known, for instance that the morning after pill is only a mega dose of the monthly pills and that it works in three different ways. First to inhibit ovulation, second to stop sperm penetration and the last being to disrupt the lining of the uterus to prevent implantation of an already fertilized egg. This is how the hormones work. This being the case, the Christian Medical and Dental Association along with the pharmacists mentioned above think that the potential effects post fertilization merit patient notification prior to being prescribed the monthly birth control pill or other birth control method via hormonal intervention.

Considering that 1-3 people out of 100 become pregnant while taking the pill, if common sense is applied, it is easy to imagine that possibility that on occasion some fertilized eggs are destroyed enroute by the pills last ditch effort to stop "pregnancy" as acknowledged when the egg implants rather than at fertilization. For all couples that view life's beginning at the moment of fertilization as I do, it seems that no small risk is acceptable. I took the pill for three years with no knowledge of the potential effects until my doctor, a Christian, was convicted that he could not in good conscience prescribe hormonal birth control as long as the issue remains unresolved. He is a pro-life OB-GYN and I appreciate his honesty and obedience despite the loss his practice suffered in clientele.

It should also be noted that the CMDA has attempted to make it common knowledge to unsuspecting patients by requesting that the American Medical Association make it a requirement for physicians to inform their patients of this potential risk but this was denied due to the length of potential risks and the alleged lack of time to run down the list in its entirety. It is interesting to note that the pharmacists receive a pretty extensive list of side effects that the public may never see and it is supposedly listed in their literature.

I have wanted to share this information with my brothers and sisters in Christ so that they, too, may make a more informed decision regarding their choice of birth control methods.

On a side note, the other potential risks to women using the pill are very extensive and within themselves deserve consideration because of the harm they pose to our bodies that we are to honor. With other methods available, I urge my fellow Christians to consider other options when resorting to birth control. At least until there is a proof otherwise. Life is not a chance we take. To do this would be irresponsible. I hope this encourages all of you to educate yourselves by visiting the CMDA website and/or contacting a pro-life physician in your area and prayerfully consider God's will for your reproductive life. I realized the importance of finding a Christian physician to care for my prenatal needs simply based upon the fact that I can be certain the he/she views my child as such and not a mass of cells so easily dispensable. I feel God would want me to share this with as much of his family as possible and I pray that it does. God bless all of you who seek His truth."

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