When I was in college almost 60 years ago, one day in our economics class, we had a substitute teacher. The teacher we usually had was dry as a bone. He was a real sleep inducer. The substitute had the class laughing a lot of the time. He taught us more economics in that hour than the regular teacher taught us in the whole semester. The substitute told me his theory of teaching was, "I get them laughing and then, while their mouths are open, I ram it down their throats."

If The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven Life are used together and if the sermons are lively, if the people smile, laugh, and cry and if the preacher has made his ONE point of the day a number of times without a lot of extraneous hot air, the congregation, believers and unchurched will hear the message. The rest is up to God. Throughout The Purpose Driven Life warren makes clear that it is not about me, it is about God. It is not about what I want but rather what God wants. The idea is that the purposes are God's purposes, not ours.

My church, is an Episcopal Church that is between permanent rectors. The vestry is trying to figure out what they want our church to be. I am trying to get them answer a different question. "What does God want our church to be?" My effort is based on reading Warren's books. You could do Christianity a service by removing from the web. In my view the author is dead wrong.


The Word of God is not an Economics class. The material we present is the Living Word and it is never boring if preached with boldness and authority by men called and gifted to preach. Charles Spurgeon said, "If you have to give a carnival to get people to come to church, then you will keep having to give carnivals to keep them coming." If we have to get people laughing to hear the Word then we are preaching to the non-elect, for the Holy Spirit will draw and open the hearts of the elect to receive the Word.

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