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In response to our AWANA Q&A, "What do you think of AWANA Clubs?" A concerned mother replied, "I just read your bit about AWANA..."

Her comments:

I just read your bit about AWANA. My daughter had a false conversion because of the incorrect, unbiblical way the gospel was presented. She had not repented of her sins, yet somehow thought she trusted Christ. AWANA is indeed a dangerous club. We will not be returning. Additionally, my kids were producing lots of fruit pertaining to this world. Through AWANA they were learning a love of "AWANA money" and growing very prideful because they could pass far more sections than anyone else. Their knowledge was certainly puffing up. They were not taught the greatest virtues of love, charity, and humility. I do Bible study daily with my five children yet they placed their AWANA books above the Book.

Keep speaking the truth about AWANA.

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