I would like to ask you for your opinion on something that is new to me that I am hearing about in some local churches. It
is referred to as "worship dance."  I am not sure exactly what is involved.  But it seems there is some type of dance performed with the understanding that this is another way of expressing worship to God.  Are you or any of your associates familiar with this?  Do you think this could line up with (or be in conflict with) the scriptures in any way?


I believe this whole dancing and drama thing that is coming into churches is pure foolishness.  God has called us to come together to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.  You see no drama and dancing in the church gatherings of the New Testament.  The central focus is on God and not on men and women putting themselves on display.  We worship when we sing praises to His Name and declare His Word in its clear meanings derived from the very scriptures themselves. Trying to put on a play to help people to understand a Bible verse is denying the Holy Spirit's ability to take the "living" Word of God and change people's hearts and lives.

The Bible is clear that we are saved by grace, through faith, [Ephesians 2:8-9] and that the faith is obtained from "hearing the message" about Christ, which comes from the Word--the Bible [Romans 10:17].  God gave us the Scriptures in written words and told us to preach and teach them to others, not to act them out or dance them across the stage.

True Christians come to worship their Lord by listening to His Word preached and taught by His called servants, and not by dancers, actors, and clowns.

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