What are your views of Presidential elections? I know there are often several candidates who have histories of sinful behavior and such, and I just want to get some sort of biblical perspective. What are your thoughts?


Actually, the elections are not a big thing in God's plan for our lives, for there is only one vote that counts, and it is the Lord's.  As the Sovereign God of the universe, who controls all things, it is He who chooses who will be the next president of the United States, and every other political leader in the world. Yes, we all as citizens "do our thing by voting," but God will ensure that His choice is elected.

Sometimes God blesses America with a good president, and sometimes He gives us what a wicked nation deserves.  It really doesn't matter who is president, for as Christians, our focus on this earth is to make disciples, get them baptized, and then teach them everything that the Lord has commanded (Matthew 28:18-20). So the other things in the world are just that..."things"-- it's like who wins the Super Bowl--it is not important in God's plan for mankind.

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