What if the men attend a Bible study led by a woman for women, because they want to know what it is that their wives are being taught? They aren't there to learn but to discern?  Should they just ask to look over the materials outside of class?  Obviously they should have some concerns over what someone like Beth Moore is teaching their wives. I ask only because I have never heard of a situation like this before but could understand husbands wanting to know just what it is that their wives are learning.  


I would think it is okay for a husband, or pastor, or male church leader to attend for the specific reason to discern what is being taught, to ensure it is appropriate and in line with the Word of God.  Although, the same thing could be accomplished by simply sitting down with the woman teacher, and going over her notes or outline together. Likewise, they could just ask their wives to share what they learned in the study and to review her handouts and notes--this would be the preferred way.

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