Is the power of the tongue stronger than the power of music, for isn't it the words of the songs that bring the person to repentance, and not the music? Can I keep rapping using rhythms that sound like hip hop and still glorify God? I feel assure that God is content with the words of my songs. And personally I feel, satisfied with the fact that, the music is glorifying God and the words are preaching His word, which at the same time are making Him feel pleased with me, meaning, that He is being glorified with what I am doing. Am I wrong?


Yes, the power is only in the Words, if the words are the Word of God.  If we modify the meaning by watering them down or modifying them to rhyme or to fit our music then we lose the power. Never, never did God ever tell us to win the lost by music, rather only by the "preaching" the Word.

Putting God's Word to rock music or rap should never be used as an evangelistic tool, for the music/rap can actually be a distracter, satisfying the flesh with the rhythm and arrangement. I would say that putting true scripture to music would only be for "believers" as an encouragement and a means of true worship, which we see in the Old Testament Psalms.

But even that music should be and must be honoring to the majesty of the Living God, and not sound like the same music the "world" listens too but only with different words--God's music must be "Holy" (set-apart) to God--unique to Him, for he is Glorious!

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