I'm reading in the OT and I was wondering why in Exodus 3:18 the Lord would have Moses say to Pharaoh that they were just going three days into the desert to sacrifice when really He intended to take them away for good. It just seems that God was telling Moses to lie. Since we know that God says lying is sin why would this be okay? Is lying okay sometimes like in times of war? Rahab did and was blessed. But in our Sunday School class they feel that lying is always wrong.


Lying is always wrong, and God never would lie, and would never ask one of His children to lie.  

God was not asking Moses to lie, but to simply ask the question of Pharaoh, knowing full well that Pharaoh would not let them go. Remember what God's plan was for Pharaoh--it was to "harden his heart" (Exodus 4:21). God knows all the "what ifs" -- exactly what people will do, given a certain situation, so God knowing what Pharaoh will do can therefore cause Pharaoh's actions to accomplish God's will, so He simply tells Moses, not to lie, but just ask the question, so Pharaoh will do what God wants...remember, God was simply using Moses' mouth--it was God talking to Pharaoh! 

God did not need Rahab's lie to accomplish His plan, but He worked His plan "despite" her lie...had she not lied God would have protected the spies His way. God honor's Rahab's faith--not Rahab's lie.

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