We have two elders who never attend our Wednesday Night Prayer meetings. They are both very busy men and run their own businesses. They are on the city council and never miss a meeting there. It's a matter of priorities.  What can I do to encourage them?


I see the problem, in that you have a couple of elders that don't really understand the role of an elder, that elders are examples to the flock of what a godly Christian looks like and how they function.  We are commanded over and over to be people of prayer, and to pray continually.  

Maybe they don't want to come because they don't like the way the prayer meeting is organized or run. Possibly ask them what they would like to see in a Prayer Meeting.

Also, you may have a couple of elders who are not really qualified, and maybe not even saved, which is not unusual in many churches today--people just assume that they are and the person does too.

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