You recently sent out comments from a believer concerning the Beth Moore study Believing God. Well doesn't Romans 10:9 say that we are to confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord to be saved? I'm not sure what your concern is with Beth's comments that a person must confess with their mouths "Jesus is Lord." Can you clarify?

[From a person familiar with Beth's teachings]

The question stated on post number 02 under Beth Moore [see above] is actually NOT what Beth states in the Believing God study. I recently finished going through this study.  Beth states that we need to PRAY out loud for God to really hear us. It has NOTHING to do with confessing Jesus is Lord. She is teaching that God will hear us if we pray out loud. If we choose to pray quietly in our hearts, God doesn't pay attention the same. If we clap  and shout, we get His attention even more. This is just wrong!! 

On top of it all, she tells the women in the last session, of that study, to add a verse to their Bible--Hebrews 11:41, and to write " By faith,  <insert your name>, <add whatever crazy thing you want> for God." I was shocked and appalled at all the women who did exactly what she said, just because she said it. I was upset. I did not do it, as I believe the Word of God is complete as it stands.

Just last Sunday, my Pastor, whom I love, endorsed Beth Moore's teaching of men, saying that her church would be "impoverished without her teaching." NO, Pastor! The church is impoverished when we do not have CHRIST!!! She is simply a body of flesh and bones.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on this with you. This does not even TOUCH the mysticism she endorses, nor the misuse and misinterpretation of the Word of God. She also claims direct revelation from God Himself and we are all to just believe it because God told her...He shared the knowledge with her alone.Ugh.

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