In saying that there is no greater or lesser sin, do you mean as far as being saved that any sin will keep you out of heaven unless you accept Christ as your substitute because (depending how one is raise) isn't it possible that one may think nothing of lying but would never commit adultery or murder or the other way around?  Wouldn't the degree of sin determine the consequence?


No, one sin condemns a person to endless torment, because of the offense against the Holy God.  Additional sins cannot increase the length of time in Hell, for eternity is forever and the punishment for just one sin is forever torment.  The additional sins only add to the amount and intensity of torment in Hell.  The torment of one sin would be awful, and additional sins make it all the worse.  Think of eternity--after a person has been in Hell suffering incredible torments for, say, 10,000 years, then they have just as much eternity left as when they started!  I do believe that the more severe a sin is, that greater punishment for each of those sins will be in hell.

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