Is it still a sin to remarry a former husband as it was in the Old Testament?


No.  We are not under the Old Testament Law. I know of a case where a unsaved man was married to an unsaved woman, and she began commiting numerous acts of adultery.  They divorced and she started living with various men.  A few years later he become a Christian, and he began praying that if it would bring God more glory to save his exwife, and for them to remarry each other, then he would be willing to do it, although it still would have been difficult.  But if she was new in Christ, then she really wouldn't be the same woman.  However, within a few weeks of his prayers for restoration she married again, and he was satisfied that she was not to be his wife again.  Within a few weeks, God brought a lovely Christian woman into his life, who eventually became his wife.  Remarriage to a former spouse is not a sin.

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