Are there other grounds for divorce in the Scriptures, besides adultery and the departure of an unsaved spouse?

I know of a woman whose husband abused her, really mentally, until she was a skeleton and a manic depressive.  I can't believe that dying a martyr because you stayed with a person who abused you is what Jesus would have told her to do.


No, those are the only two grounds for divorce in the Scripture.  However, I believe there are, within those two provisions, some answers for the woman that you mentioned.

The context of the unsaved spouse passages in Scripture, is that God allows divorce when an unsaved spouse no longer is willing to "live at peace" with the Christian.  This does not mean that it has to be a joyful home at all times.  However, there should not be harmful abuse to the spouse.  In the case where an unsaved spouse is willing to live in the same house, but beats his wife, then I would say that divorce is allowed, because the person is not willing to "live in peace" with his wife. 

I know that an unsaved person could be gross and rather unpleasant at times, but one would still be required to stay in the marriage an exhibit Christ to them.  But if the unsaved spouse they truly hurt their mate, and maybe "severe" mental abuse would fit here (depends on the factors and people involved), then divorce would be allowed. 

But I also know of a Christian lady who dislikes her husband and feels he plays mind games with her, and thus wants a divorce, and her pastor told her that is "Biblical" because of the "mind games," but she is by no means a manic depressive, or overly affected by this, so I would say in that case the divorce is not allowed. 

There is a great sermon on this, that may help, it is on my website  under the "John MacArthur Collection," it is called "How to Save your Unsaved Spouse."

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