I am currently reading through the Bible and am currently in 1Chronicles. I cannot find in my previous reading anything indicating never to take a census, and am wondering what exactly was the sin committed by King David when he called for one. 


"Satan rose up against Israel and incited David to take a census of Israel."  [1 Chronicles 21:1]   

Satan tempted David to take a census, and David yielded to the temptation and sinned.  God did not command the census.  David appears to have done it as a matter of pride in the great strength of his army and therefore military power.  He was putting more trust in his forces than in God, and taking credit for the victories by touting his large armies.  This angered God.  Joab warned him not to do it, but David did it any way.  Later David realized his sin and repented.  

Bottom line it was pride in his own strength--God wants His children to trust in Him.  Sometimes we measure our own security for the future by our insurance, savings, stocks, etc., and find assurance in these things, which borders on the same sin of David.  We can have these things, but not to trust in them, rather realize that it is the Lord who is our hope.

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