Where did Cain find his wife if the only people around were his brothers and his sisters?


The Bible does not give any indication how much time transpired between the birth of Cain and his marriage.  We do know that people at that time lived 800-900+ years.  And yet we can assumed that they were fully mature as adults in their teens, they just aged real slow for the next 700-800 years (real slow).  Most girls in the Old Testament married at 13-14 years of age. At any rate, assume that Adam and Eve continued to have babies every nine months, and maybe multiple births, and that Eve would have continued to bear children for 600-700 years (amazing concept!).  There would literally have been hundreds of children born, and in time they would have intermarried (not a practice for today, but this was a "very" unique time).  So most likely, Cain married when he was 15 or so, and would have simply married one of his sisters, and then they would have started having babies for the next 600-700 years.

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