You have stated that God our Father chose the "elect" to give as a gift to His Son Jesus Christ, to worship and serve Him forever and ever in heaven.  I know God loves His Son, and I well know God loves His people, and I know God is love, and I know Jesus Christ is God.  Something stuck out to me ... and Satan often brings it into my mind ... and I need some assurance to push it out and away forever.  Love is not self-seeking, yet God gave us to Himself, to worship and serve Him, and we get something out of it, which is to worship and serve Jesus Christ! But God as I've heard, chose us for Himself.. I don't know how to say this ... it just seems self-seeking ... How can I rid this from my heart?..


The answer is really simple.  We are finite fallen creatures unable to love, or to even understand a small fragment of love, until God comes to us and sovereignly saves us.

Now God is perfect and loving, in fact He is the definition of Love.  His absolute desire and will to bring glory to Himself is not selfishness, because He deserves it!  He is the absolute Creator and Master of everything.  All things were created by Him and for Him.  God only is to be worshipped and must be worshipped.  Jesus is the living God, and as God rightly deserves and must have worship and honor.  There is no flaw found in Him, selfishness in man is a sin, because we would be wanting something only for ourselves.  But selfishness is impossible for God.  Tell me what He has withheld from those that love Him?  He has given us everything up to an including His own dear Son Jesus Christ.

God demonstrates His love, that while we were steeped in the wretchedness of our sins, that God Himself, stepped off of His throne and put on human flesh, and let His own creation spit in His face and beat Him and then kill Him.  Why did He do that?  Because that was the only way to save sinful man. He didn't have to do that, but He did it because He is not selfish.

God deserves all of our love and worship because he is the all perfect God. Without His wonderful grace we would burn in the torments of Hell forever--doesn't that cause you to bow down and worship Him?  In fact, if God never did anything for us, He still would deserve all of our worship simply because He is the only perfect and totally loving power and being in and out of creation.

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