Why has God ordained a 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom? Why have perfect people roaming the earth doing things? 


Some of the reasons that we can see:
1. God has made a number of unconditional promises to Israel in the Old Testament, but their disobedience prevented God from carrying out His promises.  Therefore, this will be a time when God can fulfill to Israel all that he said He would do.
2. God declared in His Word that Jesus would reign over the earth, and would have a Kingdom of Peace, but again man's wickedness and rejection of Christ prevented it, but in the Millennium, Christ will reign as the Lord of the Earth, and receive the worship due Him.
3. Man will have no excuse on the day of judgment, that the "devil made me do it" or that the temptations of the world caused mankind to sin, and that if man was in a "perfect environment" then man would not sin.  Not so, for even with Satan locked up for the 1,000 years, and Christ on the throne in Jerusalem, man still sins, even in the Millennium.
4.  Christ has promised that the "Church" would rule and reign with Him in His Kingdom.  The Millennium is one place where we (all Christians who died in Christ) will rule and reign with Him.
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