Our teaching elders (PCA) are teaching that O.T. saints are inferior to NT saints in that they did not receive the new heart or new spirit promised until after Christ died and went to Hell to preach to the OT saints.  I believe this is a false teaching.


You are absolutely right, it is false teaching!  Everyone since Adam and Eve were saved in the same manner, by repentance, faith in Christ (or coming Messiah), and submission to God's Word.  They all went to heaven (Paradise) upon their death.  Jesus never went and preached to the OT saints in Hell!  If they were in Hell, then they would never be able to get out.  They did not have the gift of the Holy Spirit within them, but they were sealed for salvation when they first believed, by the Holy Spirit--they were eternally secure in Christ (even though they had not yet known about Him, other than the promises in Scripture).

Question (continued)

Further they teach that the Bible is not an instruction guide that we go to, to live our lives nor determine the will of God but is simply a "Picture of Christ".  What say you?

Answer (continued)

The Bible is our daily rule and guide.  We are to live by the very Word of God and not by bread alone.  The New Testament writings are full of instruction on how to live the Christian life.  I would say your "teaching" elders are very lost and do not know God at all and are still very much lost in their sins.  Their teachings justify a worldly lifestyle.

I personally would leave that church and find one where the Word is taught and lived.  It appears that the leadership (Elders) are part of the problem, and not part of the solution.

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