We discussed in Sunday School this morning about the devil and the angels that went along with him and rebelled against God.  It appears that they had been created by God with the ability to obey or to disobey God, just like we have been.  My question is, regarding the angels that are now in heaven, is it possible for them to disobey God, or in other words, is it now possible to have additional "fallen" angels?

As far as we can tell from the Bible, additional "fallen angels" are not possible:
1.  There are a "set number" of angels, they are not still being created.  It appears that they were created prior to the universe being created, since Job 38:7 says, that the "morning stars sang together" and also, the existence of a fallen angel, Satan, appearing in the garden to tempt Adam and Eve.
2.  An exact number fell, one-third of the total number of angels (Rev 12:4).
3.  There are "Elect" and "Non-elect" angels.  "I charge you, in the sight of God and Christ Jesus and the elect angels . . . ."  [1 Timothy 5:21].
Now the Bible doesn't tell us about the election process of angels, but it does tell us a great deal about the election of man.  So we can easily make a few assumptions:
1.  That before angels were created God elected "some" of them. 
Now men and women are all linked to each other by birth, so all are sinners because of Adam and Eve, so God had only sinners to choose from.  He chose some to be saved (despite their will not to be)--that is, He did not ask for their permission--these are the "elect."  The others that He did not choose "the non-elect" were simply left to continue in their rebellion and sin.
When you come to angels, there is a difference because they are not "linked" to each other, each is a separate creation.  Yet, we assume that God saw in their "free will" a propensity to sin.  And that He "elected" some "not to sin" and left the others to "sin" with their free will.  This is not a fault in their creation, but possibly a function of "free-will."  Given enough time, it appears that every creature with a true "free-will" seems to eventually use it against God.  At any rate, since no redeemer was planned, nor possible for angels (since they were not "linked" like man), then it appears that election was the only answer to secure eternal Holy angels.  God literally choose some (two-thirds) to be His forever, as Holy angels.  This election simply "locked" them into holiness, "not allowing" them to sin against God.  The non-elect angels were allowed to use their free-will against God.
This means that Satan and the one-third that fell were the "non-elect" angels, and Michael, Gabriel, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, the Living Creatures, and all the other "good" angels were all "elected" to perfection and holiness.  Elect men and women were also "elected" to perfection and holiness, but we were sinners, and therefore needed a Savior, the Holy and Blessed Jesus Christ--God Himself.
2.  Now that angels are elect they can never sin or leave their perfect state.
This is just like elect men and women, once we were elected for salvation (before the creation of the universe), then there was no way out--we were eternally secure in Christ from that point on, even though the actual Calling and Justification process occurred later.
Election is an eternal decision, so the good angels are forever going the stay that way.
I believe that as you listen to the praise of angels at various places in the Bible, you will detect in them a great sense of thankfulness to God, which I believe is simply their being ever aware of being elected unto holiness.
Hope this explanation helps you.  A good understanding of the doctrine of Election is crucial for the Church, for it answers so many questions. I have numerous articles and sermons on election on my two websites.

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